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Create your own customizable cloak.

Choose the material and the color of the cloak and the material and the color of the lining. Than we will craft it for you.Each piece is coming whit a certificate of authentification signed by the two creators plus identifed with our tag and number byorder of fabrication. That makes each of our costumes a piece of collection.

Our capes start  all the sauces. The medieval warrior, the trooper and the futurist  philosopher. Is also perfect for the super hero. Coming in a variety of materials and pleasant color, they allow custom finish with a game lining. Make your choice. Fur, suede, boiledwool ... An irreplaceable add on for the perfectionist in you. Adds to the credibility of the scale than volume for the bearer.

Cloak= 10$ each a minimum of two for shipping

Minifigures and accessories are not included

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